Optimizing Your Résumé to Attract Better Matches


Looking for a job can be a daunting experience, which is why we created Louisiana Job Connection. Traditional job boards give you lists of jobs, but they don’t do much to help you sort through the clutter. That’s where Louisiana Job Connection’s unique matching system comes in. We match job seekers with open positions based on their skills, experience, education and location preferences. Our site assigns each match a ranking score to help.. Read More

Our Updated Algorithm Produces Better, More Precise Matches on Louisiana Job Connection

After two months of matching companies and job seekers, Louisiana Job Connection is updating the predictive algorithm that fuels our matching system. This is based on feedback from our users–more than 1,000 companies and 15,000 registered job seekers. Employers and job seekers will likely see fewer or different matches when they log into Louisiana Job Connection. The matches they do see, however, will be stronger, more precise and more relevant to their specifications… Read More

Add Your Résumé With the Click of Your Camera

We’ve recently added a new feature to make it easier than ever to upload your résumé to Louisiana Job Connection, leading to quicker matching with jobs. You can now use your camera on your smartphone to submit your résumé electronically to our database, even if all you have on hand is a hard copy. Acceptable file types for this process are .pdf, .jpg, .png, .tif and .bmp. If you’d like to take advantage.. Read More