Soft Skills You Need for Virtually Any Position

Throughout your career you’ll rely on different skills to succeed. Hard skills are the technical, specialized skills you learn for a certain career path, such as knowing how to code in a certain language or how to write for different audiences. Soft skills are those that support your hard skills — and they’re important in any position you take. “Soft skills in general are often overlooked because they’re difficult to measure,” says Bill.. Read More

How Much Money Should You Ask For?

You’ve gone through the interview process, met the boss and had lunch with the team — and now the company is ready to offer you a job. There’s just one last conversation to have before it’s official: How much do you expect to get paid? Salary negotiations can be tricky — after all, with everyone feeling good about hiring you, you don’t want to price yourself out of an opportunity. Through it all,.. Read More

Build Your Small Business Benefits Plan From the Ground Up … Slowly

You hear so much on the news and in the blogosphere about amazing benefits being the key to attracting and retaining talent. Egg freezing! Student-loan payoffs! A year of paid paternity leave! But where does that leave a small business? Should you spend a fortune on fancy benefits so you can get and keep the best talent around, or throw in the towel and have zero benefits because you’ll never compete with the.. Read More

Do You Know How to Conduct a Job Interview … Really?

Conducting an effective job interview takes more than asking about a person’s experience and what they know about your organization — it’s a great opportunity to determine how they approach their work and challenges they face, and whether that approach would fit in your organization. To rush through it puts your culture at risk — not to mention your bottom line. “Turnover is expensive,” says Christina Boudreaux, owner and senior talent consultant at.. Read More

Do You Need a Cover Letter for an Online Job Application?

As you fill out an online job application you might feel like something is missing. Aha — did you include a cover letter? The application might ask you to upload only your résumé or — even worse — say a cover letter is “optional.” When applying online, what should you do? When in doubt, include a cover letter, says April Klimkiewicz, owner of Bliss Evolution career counseling. “If you don’t include a cover.. Read More