Getting Over Your Job Search Fears

Fear of failure, fear of the unknown — these common feelings can hold you back from a full-fledged, successful job search. Changing jobs is often a life milestone, and facing that change is daunting. It can be a bit of a mind game to get over those fears, says career coach Mary Warriner, but you’ll need to if you want to make your job search a success. “Presenting yourself confidently to the interviewer.. Read More

5 Tips for Winning the RFP Game

A request for proposal (RFP) represents both an opportunity and a challenge for your company. It’s a great chance to get in on a project to work with a company, government entity or nonprofit. The challenge comes in preparing the RFP — they take a lot of research and effort to be successful. Preparation is key to making it work. “When it comes to doing an RFP, the more organized you are, the.. Read More

How to Narrow Down Your Job Search

It’s a job seeker’s market right now, so you might feel like you have a dazzling array of options. But that doesn’t mean you should chase down every job. In fact, narrowing down your job search early in the process will help it be more effective and efficient in the long run — and it could help you get a better job. “It’s always better to be targeted” in your job search, says.. Read More

Is Your Comp Plan Attracting the Right People?

Money talks, and it says a lot when it comes to attracting and retaining talent. Setting salaries is more than paying people for the work they do; your approach to compensation plays a large role in the kind of talent you attract and retain, and in your company’s reputation among potential employees. Is the money you’re offering attracting the right kind of people? “Money isn’t everything, but it’s a big piece of why.. Read More

How to Follow Up with Job Applicants

It takes only a few minutes, but following up with job applicants is one of the most important parts of your hiring process. That contact is one of the first times the candidates interact with a person from your company, and the experience they have will set the tone for the rest of the interviewing process. If you’re interested in the candidate, you need to get this moment right. “For a good candidate.. Read More