5 Industries Hiring New College Grads Right Now

College graduates will be happy to hear that hiring rates are projected to increase by 15 percent in the upcoming year, according to a survey conducted by Michigan State University, meaning many young workers will enjoy higher chances of being employed directly out of school. The expected increase is attributed to company growth and retiring baby boomers. This is the second year in a row where a large jump in hiring rates for.. Read More

What Every New Grad’s Résumé Should Include

Scoring an interview is hard enough these days, and it can be even harder for new college graduates.It can particularly tough for them to know what to include on their résumé. We spoke with Erin Hendrick, Talent Search leader at Progressive Insurance, to find out what every new grad’s résumé needs. Real Numbers “In your résumé, always use numbers to demonstrate scales and scope,” Hendrick says. It’s not enough to say you were.. Read More

3 Questions to Ask in Every Interview

“Who was your favorite Renaissance-era painter and why?” is a question you’re likely to ask if you’re interviewing candidates to be an art history professor or to work in a museum. You’re less likely to ask that if you’re interviewing accountants. Most interview questions will be specific to the position you’re hiring for, but there are some classics you should ask every candidate for every position, from the mailroom to the CEO. We.. Read More

How to Know When to Leave Your Job

Do you stare at the wall every day, bored and praying for five o’clock? Are you getting ready for another overnight or weekend shift, overwhelmed and thinking you can’t take another day? If you think you might be ready to change jobs, Louisiana Job Connection is a great place to start looking. With our privacy settings, you can see available jobs without anyone knowing you’re looking, so you won’t jeopardize your current job… Read More

How to Negotiate Salary

Salary negotiation is a valuable professional skill, as daunting as it can seem. Discussions of money may make you feel uncomfortable or uncouth, but you’ll need to embrace that awkwardness to maximize your compensation at your new job. The secret: Prepare for this conversation the way you did for the interview, by doing your homework and practicing likely scenarios. Here are some of our favorite salary negotiating tips. Establish a Realistic Range Understand.. Read More