Be Matched in 4 Simple Steps

Few things can be more frustrating or discouraging than the job search process. Your résumé disappears into a sea of applicants, and any responses from employers are either not applicable to your experience or spam. Louisiana Job Connection understands the need for a streamlined, job-matching process and provides an employment resource that is the next level in job searching. A One-Stop Service for Job Seekers Unlike common job boards, Louisiana Job Connection is.. Read More

How To Optimize Job Postings to Get the Best Matches Possible

Louisiana Job Connection and its intuitive 13-point matching system can help you find the perfect employees for your business. Job seekers from around the country and within Louisiana are searching for careers on Louisiana Job Connection. Making your job descriptions specific and succinct is the the best strategy to maximizing the site’s matching system and finding qualified candidates for your job openings.   Provide Accurate Job Postings For Accurate Results To receive accurate.. Read More

Our New Skills Engine is Here – Better Matches with Qualified Candidates

We recognize that when people with the right skills fill the right positions, your business thrives. Now, finding the right people just got easier. Louisiana Job Connection is excited to introduce its new skills engine, a tool that determines the necessary skills and certifications needed for your job opportunity and uses that information to create closer matches with qualified job seekers. In order to provide you with an efficient user experience, we’ve also.. Read More

Our New Skills Engine is Here – Get Matched with the Right Job Today

Matching you with the right job is Louisiana Job Connection’s sole goal, and accomplishing that just got easier. We are excited to introduce the new skills engine, a tool that optimizes your matches by analyzing the skills and certifications in your résumé and matching them with employers’ job requirements. This engine allows you to focus on making that perfect match by determining the necessary qualifications for a position — connecting your skills with.. Read More

Interview Dos and Don’ts

With a competitive job market, landing an interview is a very big deal. However, getting an interview is no guarantee of a job. Most companies will interview multiple people for the same position, which decreases your chances of turning an interview into a job offer. Therefore, it is critical to make sure your interview goes as well as possible. If you want to have a successful interview that ends your job search, remember.. Read More