Employee Separations — A Plan for Offboarding

Separating an employee from your organization — whether through a firing or a layoff — can be disruptive and unpleasant. But having a process in place can make it go more smoothly and help the organization avoid any legal, emotional or professional entanglements. It’s important to get separations right, says Joyce Domijan, vice president of strategy and program development at CareerArc, a hiring and outplacement firm. “From the company’s standpoint, their reputation and.. Read More

Emergency Action Plan Basics for Small Businesses

There’s 2 feet of water in the lobby of your office; what do you do? A small portion of your factory burned down last night, but the rest was not damaged. Can you reopen today? A demonstration is happening in the street outside your property. Are your employees safe? Each of these scenarios is possible for any business in Louisiana, and as a business owner you should prepare how you would address these.. Read More

Job Hunting for Introverts: How to Survive the Search and Interviews

“Hey everyone! I’m out of a job! Let me know of any opportunities you think would be a perfect fit for a super-fantastic employee like me!” Imagine that post on Facebook. Is your introvert skin crawling yet? Introverts may not want to announce their unemployment to the whole world, and they don’t tend to love traditional networking. Guess what though? Job searches require networking and telling others you’re in the market for a.. Read More

Does Your Small Business Have the Right Insurance?

Risk is inherent in doing business, and it’s important to know how to manage it. Having the right insurance can mean the difference between whether your business survives a legal issue or goes under when dealing with an injured employee, negligent service or a harmful product. “For small businesses, one claim has the potential to end it all,” says Mark Thompson, a strategic advisor at Insureon, an online insurance agency for small businesses… Read More

The Ins and Outs of Background Checks

Imagine you hire a physician and it turns out that not only is she not actually a doctor, she’s a bank robber. That’s an extreme example, but it’s a possibility when you hire someone just based on information they provide in a résumé. How do you know the credentials are legitimate and this person doesn’t have a violent history? One way to find out is through a background check. A background check brings.. Read More