Make Your New Year’s Career Resolutions Now — Land a Promotion or a New Job

If you’re thinking about setting a New Year’s resolution to find a new job or get a promotion, don’t wait until Jan. 1 to get started. Now is the time to lay the groundwork so you’re ready to move into a new position in 2018. The next few weeks are a perfect time for you to build a powerhouse résumé that gets you the job you’re aiming for. “January, February and March is.. Read More

The 5 People You Need Behind You for Your Small Business and How to Find Them

Starting a business often requires a sharp learning curve, and it can be difficult to get up to speed on all aspects of running a business as you’re trying to get your product out the door. Having a group of trusted advisers who can guide you and answer your questions along the way is vital to your success. If you don’t have the right people advising you, you’re going to lose money, speed.. Read More

About to Hire Some Seasonal Workers? Here’s How to Hire and Onboard Quickly and Thoroughly

Seasonal hiring can be tricky. You’re facing a crunch right at your busiest time of year, but bringing people on temporarily can make them feel like they don’t have a stake in the organization. Can you find people who will fit in right away? Is it worth it to send them through onboarding? Experts say yes. The benefits you get from carefully hiring seasonal workers are the same as those for permanent employees… Read More

What Makes a Good Boss or Bad Boss? Which One Are You?

Being a good boss can be hard — most people want to be liked, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re an effective leader. The adage “people leave managers, not jobs” speaks to how important it is to be a good boss, so knowing what it takes is critical to your success and that of your company. You can learn the skills it takes to be a better boss. If you don’t know or.. Read More

How to Build the Perfect Small Business Tech Stack

Getting the right software for your growing business can feel overwhelming. Spreadsheets and simple documents may be fine in the beginning, but once you want to start scaling up you’re going to need more robust technology support. “In general we typically recommend that businesses take a ‘crawl, walk, run’ approach to their software investments as their business grows,” says Austin Merritt, general manager of Software Advice. “When getting started, it is very important.. Read More