3 Steps to Take Now to Protect Your Company from Hackers

Cyberattacks and ransomware aren’t just an issue for large multinational companies. In fact, small businesses are seen as high-value targets because they’re less likely to have protections in place, says Anthony Catalano, president of CMIT Solutions of the Florida Parishes. The data you have access to on clients, potential customers and employees can be valuable for hackers. Are you ready for a cyberattack? “Back in the day it was just viruses that were.. Read More

Job Seeker Etiquette 101

When you’re applying for and interviewing for jobs, employers will assess your skills and experiences — but they’ll be looking at more than just what you can do. The way you communicate with employers and present yourself in person play a big role in hiring decisions, so knowing how to make those connections count is vital. “The word ‘etiquette’ sounds antiquated, so the definition I use in training is ‘building relationships,’” says Diane.. Read More

What Every Small-Business Owner Needs to Know About AI

Advances in technology have put artificial intelligence, machine learning and automation tools in reach of even small companies, but it’s clear that some businesses are taking a wait-and-see attitude. A 2017 survey by MIT Sloan Management Review found that about 85 percent of companies believe AI will bring a competitive advantage, but only about 1 in 5 companies had incorporated it in some way. And while the benefits are there, it’s important to.. Read More

How to Fairly Evaluate Job Applicants

When it’s time to hire, you need to get the right person the first time. That means assessing resumes and cover letters fairly and carefully considering your options rather than making a decision based only on emotion or first impressions. The stakes are high, and you may face some pressure to hire someone in a hurry. “That empty seat needs to be filled, and the answer needs to be permanent to avoid further.. Read More

How to Optimize Job Postings and Get the Best Matches Possible

Any job posting needs to be optimized for the platform where it appears. Sometimes it can be a challenge to include all the information in a way that gets the most out of algorithms while still sounding like you offer an interesting place to work, but this is vital to get the best matches possible. “When we tell employers about optimizing, it means we want them to have the highest quality matches possible,”.. Read More