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Optimizing Your Résumé to Attract Better Matches

Optimizing Your Résumé to Attract Better Matches

Looking for a job can be a daunting experience, which is why we created Louisiana Job Connection. Traditional job boards give you lists of jobs, but they don’t do much to help you sort through the clutter.

That’s where Louisiana Job Connection’s unique matching system comes in. We match job seekers with open positions based on their skills, experience, education and location preferences. Our site assigns each match a ranking score to help identify the jobs that should be the best fit.

The number one thing job seekers can do to get the most out of Louisiana Job Connection is post a complete, detailed résumé. The more information on a résumé, the more our system has to fuel our matching algorithm.
Here are two ways to supercharge your profile for matching:

  • Post all of your work experience, even if it is not in your current or desired fields or industry. Some job boards encourage you to create specialized résumés based on jobs in a certain industry. Louisiana Job Connection believes all of your experience and previous jobs shape who you are as an employee – even part-time jobs or jobs you might not normally put on a résumé.
  • Write complete descriptions for all of your jobs. Our matching algorithm reads your job description and identifies skills on which to base matches. The more skills it can find, the better. Some examples of things to include: several sentences describing your responsibilities, correct job titles that describe your role, any special certifications you earned and names of software used in your job.

Log into Louisiana Job Connection today to polish your résumé by clicking on “Résumé” in your top navigation bar and then clicking the “Edit Résumé” button.