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For Employers: Optimizing Job Postings to Get Better Matches

For Employers: Optimizing Job Postings to Get Better Matches

Sometimes finding the right candidate for your job can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack, only more time consuming and less fulfilling. This is why we created Louisiana Job Connection – to make it easier for companies to find the perfect employee. We’ve got some tips for optimizing your job postings to help you match with the best candidates for your positions.

The number one thing you as an employer can do to get the most out of Louisiana Job Connection is post a complete, detailed job description. The more information you put on each job posting, the more our system has to fuel our matching algorithm.

A few suggestions on how to do this:

  • Write a multi-sentence job description. Our algorithm scans each job description for keywords, phrases and skills and then matches your posting with job seekers with corresponding skills. Detailed job descriptions offer more matching points for the algorithm. For example – a “Business Manager with 10 years of experience” will net you different results from a “Business Manager with 10 years of experience supervising staff members, overseeing bookkeeping and payroll operations and managing human resources.”
  • Include important skills, certifications and software. Don’t be afraid to list out specific skills and software requirements and always detail certifications. This increases the likelihood that your job will match specifically with qualified job seekers. A “web developer” will get you some results. But a “web developer with JavaScript and .NET experience” will yield better results.

Why do these things work? Because they give our system more points on which to match, which means job postings with specificity match with job seeker résumés with specificity to create better matches.

Log into Louisiana Job Connection today to check out your matches and review your job postings by clicking “Manage Jobs” in the top navigation bar.