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Fostering a Good Work-Life Balance for Your Employees

Fostering a Good Work-Life Balance for Your Employees

Fostering a Good Work-Life Balance for Your EmployeesWhen someone is actively trying to find a job, it is vital to find a company that offers a way to keep their work and personal lives in balance. This promotes workplace satisfaction and raises company productivity. Placing high expectations on employees without offering any incentives may elevate work-related stress and cause illness, increase absenteeism, lower productivity and ultimately lead to burnout.[1] These consequences of being overworked are detrimental to a healthy work environment and could lead to serious internal issues within any business. Here are some effective ways employers can encourage a good work/life balance.

Create a Flexible Work Environment

Providing flexible working hours for your employees can improve office morale by helping to maintain a positive work/life balance within your company. For instance, many organizations are beginning to implement flexible working hours to accommodate their employees’ hectic extracurricular schedules. Telecommuting is another option. This allows employees to work from home when needed, which cuts out commuting hassles and other inconveniences. Also, it provides added time to satisfy many of life’s demands that often get pushed aside for work.

Allow for Time Off

Besides offering traditional sick days and vacation time, allowing employees personal days keeps managers and team members happy. It prevents burnout and allows staff members to tend to private family needs. For example, when a female employee gives birth and exhausts her maternity leave, it is beneficial to allow her more time at home. This gives the new mother a chance to mentally prepare for her return to work so that she can be productive for the company.

Organize Employee/Family Events

Planning a monthly gathering for employees outside of work will build team enthusiasm and friendships. A picnic or sporting event is a great way to get workers and their families interacting as a cohesive group. It builds company spirit and helps employees forget work-related stresses.

Limit Work After Hours

When employees feel it is necessary to take work home, it creates an imbalance between private time and office duties. Employees are increasingly using mobile devices to check and respond to work emails during their leisure time. The popularity of mobile technology has created a work environment where many employees never really clock out.  However, blurring the lines between work and leisure contributes to burnout and decreased productivity at work.

Management should monitor the situation and limit how often a worker takes business out of the office. It is important to develop plans that help employees finish work during the day so that there is no need to complete it at home. A simple first step in implementing such a plan is for employers to lead by example.

Lead by Example

Upper management can show support for work/life balance by setting positive examples. Top executives can end the perception that working the day away without a break is the only way to work their way up in the company. Employers should foster a collaborative and connected environment, encouraging staff to work together for the benefit of their customers and each other. Developing a mentoring culture between management and employees can foster stronger relationships and increase productivity. Effective leaders will naturally shine through and should be promoted accordingly.

How to Attract Quality Employees

When an employer has a job opening, it is vital to find the right employee. Louisiana Job Connection helps employers find qualified candidates in the most efficient manner possible by using a sophisticated 13-point matching algorithm. Companies can post jobs for free, and the system automatically matches the most qualified candidates for each position based on the candidate’s education, skills and prior experience. The website makes it simple to message a job seeker directly, expediting the hiring process.

Knowing where to find the most qualified job candidates is the first step in building a strong business. After assembling an effective team, it is essential to maintain a healthy work/life balance among your employees. When a company knows how to positively encourage this balance, it sets the tone for success. Keeping your employees happy is the key to high productivity.


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