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Back for Season 5, ‘NCIS: New Orleans’ Continues to Generate Jobs in Louisiana

Back for Season 5, ‘NCIS: New Orleans’ Continues to Generate Jobs in Louisiana

The hit CBS prime-time series “NCIS: New Orleans” has been renewed for a fifth season, extending the substantial economic impact the show has already had on Louisiana and helping secure the state’s place as a top destination for creative careers in the entertainment industry.

The show’s production team maintains a year-round presence in Louisiana and supports hundreds of jobs, with an estimated Louisiana payroll of $51.9 million and total estimated Louisiana spending of $78.1 million for Season 4.

“Louisiana Economic Development congratulates CBS Television Studios on renewing the successful ‘NCIS: New Orleans’ series for another season,” Louisiana Economic Development Secretary Don Pierson said. “We are pleased to support this popular production and its talented staff, which will likely generate more than $40 million in Louisiana payroll over the course of the season in Louisiana. We are delighted that the small-business community in our state will share in more than $70 million in estimated Louisiana spending by the production.”

Prime-Time Staying Power

With a fifth season, “NCIS: New Orleans” will become the longest-running scripted, episodic TV series to film in Louisiana since the state’s entertainment incentive program was launched in 2002.

The prime-time show stars Scott Bakula as chief of a Navy investigation team based in New Orleans. Co-stars are Lucas Black, Rob Kerkovich, CCH Pounder, Daryl “Chill” Mitchell and Vanessa Ferlito. Production on the show’s fourth season is currently continuing in and around New Orleans.

In a welcoming message for the inaugural Louisiana Entertainment Summit in Baton Rouge last month, Bakula said the collaborative partnership the show’s team has with the state, industry labor and local businesses has been vital to the show’s success.

“From our dedicated and experienced Louisiana crew to the unsurpassed support our series receives from local businesses, we feel the love from the city of New Orleans and this great state, day-in and day-out,” Bakula said. “So thank you. ‘NCIS: New Orleans’ wouldn’t be able to attain our signature look if it weren’t for the opportunities we have to shoot the series all over the great state of Louisiana.”

Leveraging Our Creative Workforce

The ongoing production has had a substantial impact on the Louisiana economy. The CBS series has accounted for Louisiana payroll of $139.9 million and total Louisiana spending of $290.7 million since its inception, based on final, audited totals for the pilot and first two seasons and estimated totals for the third and fourth seasons.

In addition to “NCIS: New Orleans,” CBS Television Studios has filmed nine other projects in Louisiana in recent years. These include three scripted series (“Star Crossed,” “Common Law” and “Zoo”), four TV pilots, a TV movie of the week and several episodes of the daytime talk show “The Talk.” Collectively, those nine additional productions have accounted for more than $100 million in total Louisiana spending, including $50 million in Louisiana payroll.

It’s all part of a vibrant entertainment industry that has made Louisiana one of the top destinations in the world for motion picture production. Filmmakers continue to discover the benefits of well-trained and experienced Louisiana-based crews, world-class production facilities and the Motion Picture Investor Tax Credit.

That creative energy translates directly into jobs. A recent LED study found that in 2016 the motion picture tax-credit program generated about $1.3 billion in sales at Louisiana firms, $919.3 million in new household income and 14,541 jobs. The state’s skilled crew base has grown by more than 400 percent since 2002 and includes a diverse base of actors, extras and day players.

A Hub for Major Entertainment Productions

In the past decade alone, Louisiana has hosted the production of more than 400 motion pictures — including “Dallas Buyers Club,” “Jurassic Park 4,” “Pitch Perfect” and “Fantastic Four.” — as well as numerous television series and documentaries, including “American Horror Story.”

The state’s infrastructure has grown to accommodate the demand. It now features diverse shooting locations from marshlands to big cities as well as multimillion-dollar soundstages and post-production houses.

In addition to “NCIS: New Orleans,” 2018 has already proven to be a busy for major productions throughout the state. Filming continues in Baton Rouge on World War II feature film “Greyhound,” written by and starring Tom Hanks and based on C.S. Forester’s 1955 novel “The Good Shepherd.” Also filming this spring throughout Louisiana has been the film “The Highwaymen,” a Netflix production featuring Woody Harrelson and Kevin Costner as federal agents who tracked down infamous criminals Bonnie and Clyde in the 1930s.