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Ask Louise: Job Seekers’ Location Preferences Demystified

Ask Louise: Job Seekers’ Location Preferences Demystified

Dear Louise,

My company is hiring in North Louisiana, but when we look at our Louisiana Job Connection matches, we’re being matched with people in New Orleans or even in other states. What gives? We want to hire someone in Shreveport – not more than five hours away!

Yours in confusion,

Bewildered Recruiter
North Louisiana

Dear Bewildered,

You’ve touched on a hot button issue for a lot of companies and recruiters registered for Louisiana Job Connection. Recruiters see a job seeker who lives several parishes away (or even out of state) and they wonder why our site considers that person to be a match for their job.

The short answer is that job seekers select regional preferences for where they want to work when they create their Louisiana Job Connection profiles. A person’s matches are based on these preferences, not on where they currently live. So when we rank a job seeker as strong match and that person lives many hours away, it isn’t necessarily a mistake. That job seeker may be looking to make more than a career change – they may also be looking to live in a new city.

So, go ahead, check out that great job seeker from another city. They may be your next great employee and future new neighbor!


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