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3 Tech Skills to Highlight in Your Next Interview

3 Tech Skills to Highlight in Your Next Interview

Even if your job isn’t technically in “tech,” tech skills are increasingly critical for career success. More than 55 percent of employers said they were looking for new college grads with computer skills, a 2016 report by the National Association of Colleges and Employers found.

The specific skills you’ll need will depend on your role in the organization, notes Natalie Straight, manager of digital experience and marketing technology at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana. “Blue Cross is a giant organization, and we have a lot of different areas, so the requirements for technology skills in marketing or customer service are obviously going to be different than if you’re working in a tech area where we have software engineers with specific skill sets.”

However, there are some tech skills that are attractive in candidates across the board. Here are 3 skills Straight says she looks for in interviews.

The Ability to Use Collaboration Tools

Teamwork and the ability to communicate are an important part of any job, especially at a large company like Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana. “We work across different teams and we have eight regional offices, so it’s impossible to have in-person meetings with everyone,” Straight says. This makes the ability to collaborate in a digital fashion vitally important. “Being able to use tools like Slack, Microsoft Teams or Trello to connect is part of being a good teammate and communicator.”

The Ability to Use Data Analytics Tools

Organizations are becoming increasingly data-driven. “The ability to democratize data and share key trends and insights in a clear, visual way is also important,” Straight says. “For example, just being able to automate a Google report and export that data to a tool like Tableau … is a lifesaver because people don’t have time to pore over raw data and come up with their own insights.”

Understanding of IT Security Basics

Most security breaches in small and medium-size businesses are a result of the actions of employees, a 2017 report by the Ponemon Institute and Keeper found. While larger companies can devote more personnel to security, employees still need to do their part. “A basic knowledge of security is important because more and more companies are being breached, and often it’s just your average employee falling victim to phishing attachments,” Straight says. “Or their passwords are getting hacked and they’re not using best practices like two-step authentication when logging into an account. For example, you should know not to open suspicious-looking email attachments or use ‘password’ or ‘123456’ as your password because these are the most common and easily guessed passwords.”

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