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3 Hot Jobs in Louisiana That Only Require an Associate Degree

3 Hot Jobs in Louisiana That Only Require an Associate Degree

Good jobs that only require an associate degree are on the rise. According to a study by Georgetown University Center for Education and the Workforce, 57 percent of the good jobs in Louisiana are held by workers who don’t have a bachelor’s degree.

So what’s a “good job?” According to Dr. Jeff Strohl, one of the study’s co-authors and director of research at Georgetown CEW, “A good job has a monetary threshold of $35,000 a year — or $17 an hour — for those up to 45 years of age, and $45,000 a year — or $22 an hour — for those over the age of 45.”

According to the study, the top five occupations in Louisiana that don’t require a bachelor’s degree are in construction and extraction, production, management, office and administrative support and transportation and material moving.

But you don’t just want a good job that pays well — you also need that job to be in existence for years to come. O*NET (the country’s occupational database) has compiled a list of hot (or “bright outlook”) jobs that are expected to be in popular demand and grow rapidly in the next few years, and some of them only require an associate degree.

Three of those jobs are highlighted below.

Warehouse Supervisor

What the job entails: “This job involves supervising the shipping and receiving department — managing physical inventory, coordinating shipments, maintaining supplies and ensuring that the shipping process is effective and efficient,” says Linda Castanza of Adecco Staffing, which has offices in Shreveport, New Iberia and New Orleans. “The warehouse supervisor also oversees warehouse employees.”

Pay: Warehouse managers earn $16 to $18 an hour.

Education/skills: Some employers only require a high-school diploma, while others prefer an associate degree in supply chain management or a related area. According to O*NET, a warehouse supervisor job is well suited for someone who is dependable, has integrity, pays attention to detail, deals well with stress and has leadership skills.

Job outlook: The warehouse supervisor job can be a stepping stone to operations manager, distribution manager or logistics manager — and these jobs are growing at an average pace, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Secretary or Administrative Assistant

What the job entails: Secretaries and administrative assistants perform such clerical and administrative duties as welcoming visitors, answering telephones, scheduling appointments and ordering supplies.

Pay: Secretaries and administrative assistants earn an average of $18.21 per hour, or $38,870 a year.

Education/skills: The level of required education is determined by the employer. Some candidates have a high-school diploma, some have taken courses at a community college and some have an associate degree. A secretarial or administrative assistant position is well suited for those who are cooperative and dependable, have an eye for detail, are honest and ethical and can work with little or no supervision.

Job outlook: O*NET classifies secretary/administrative assistant as a “bright occupation,” which means it is expected to have a lot of job openings within the next few years. Demand for medical secretaries will be particularly high.

Construction Manager/Project Manager

What the job entails: Construction managers, also known as project managers, prepare cost estimates and budgets and supervise contractors and other construction personnel. “They also manage deadlines and budgets to ensure that projects are completed in a timely manner,” Castanza says.

Pay: Construction managers earn an average of $43.93 an hour, or $91,370 a year. The heavy and civil engineering construction industry pays significantly more than the residential building construction industry.

Education/skills: Construction managers/project managers either have an associate degree or a bachelor’s degree. If you have leadership skills, take the initiative, are honest and ethical, pay attention to detail and are dependable, these skills will contribute to your success in this role.

Job outlook: Project managers in construction are also classified as bright outlook jobs, according to O*NET, and the BLS projects an 11 percent job growth rate through 2026, which is faster than average.

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