3 Tips for Hiring in a Tight Job Market

3 Tips for Hiring in a Tight Job Market

It’s a candidate’s market when it comes to hiring today in Louisiana. The question is whether you as a hiring manager understand what that means for your business. When the labor market is tight, you have a lot more to do if you want to attract the best talent. You need to woo candidates just as you would prospective clients — and you need to do it with the best and most responsive.. Read More

How to Sustain Your Company Culture as You Grow

When you started your company, you likely had some big dreams for growth. But growth can bring its own challenges, especially when it comes quickly. Bringing a lot of new people on board can disrupt your processes and dilute the culture you’ve worked so hard to build if you aren’t smart about how you hire. Rodney Greenup faced those challenges with his companies Gulf South Engineering & Testing and Greenup Industries. His companies.. Read More

How to Combat the Real Source of Drama at Your Company

When you think about drama at your company, chances are a certain employee or two comes to mind — they’re always griping or stirring things up; anything but working. They might even be taking advantage of your open-door policy to visit you with a laundry list of concerns they have. You’ve tried to address their behavior, but haven’t really gotten anywhere. Now what? The problem is you’re focusing on the wrong source. “The.. Read More

5 Nontraditional Benefits You Might Want to Offer

The world of employee benefits has moved far beyond health care and a retirement account. Benefits that improve people’s quality of life and security are growing in popularity, and employers that want to attract top talent should consider them. “It’s all about understanding your employees and their needs,” says Peter Marcia, CEO of YouDecide, a voluntary benefits platform. Today’s nontraditional benefits address employees’ lifestyles and families as well as just their health. Here.. Read More

How to Attract Out-of-Town Candidates

As employers face a tight market for qualified candidates, some are spreading a wider net. Recruiting people from out of town can be a challenge, but it’s a way for you to find top talent if the local market just isn’t delivering. No matter where your candidates come from, they have to be a good fit. “It doesn’t matter if you’re in the neatest location in the world, you have to sell the.. Read More