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Creating an employer account is easy – and free. First, you need to register.

I signed up. Now what?

Once you’ve registered in the system, you’ll be prompted to complete your company profile. Make sure you have your Federal and Louisiana State Tax ID numbers handy as we use this information to verify that your company is a Louisiana business.

Where do I find my Federal and State Tax ID? Who would have that in my office?

Your Federal Tax ID is assigned by the IRS, and your State Tax ID number is assigned by Louisiana Workforce Commission. Many times your company’s accounting or finance department can provide this to you.

What is validation? And why is it necessary?

Validation is an automated process that verifies your company is a business operating in Louisiana. Validation is necessary to ensure Louisiana Job Connection and Louisiana Business Connection remain exclusive to Louisiana businesses.

I want to match with potential business partners, but someone in my Human Resources department already has an account for matching with job candidates. What should I do?

If you know the current account owner, you may ask him/her to add you to the existing account. If not, the system will recognize your company when you attempt to register. You will have the option to have an automated email sent to the current account owner to add you to the existing account, or you can create a new, separate account.

I signed up to match with potential business partners, and I think someone else at my company might like to post job openings to be matched with job seekers. What should I do?

Click the Manage Users tab from your Company Profile. Click the Add User button and follow the steps on screen. As the account owner, you can set permissions for any users you add, including the ability to post jobs and review job seeker matches for those jobs.

How do I know whether to select the small business or contractor option?

If you would like to search for subcontractors and suppliers to meet the needs for a project you have underway or coming soon, select the contractor option. If you are a subcontractor or supplier and want to make your products and/or services available to larger contractors, select the small business option.

Have additional questions? Select from the topics below to browse frequently asked questions.

Posting Jobs and Matching with Job Seekers

Is there a way to search for job seekers?

Our system matches you with candidates that fit your position’s requirements and preferences which means we do all of the searching for you! This helps recruiters and hiring managers save time by only showing candidates that qualify for your job openings.

How much does it cost to post a job?

Louisiana Job Connection is completely free to Louisiana employers and there is no limit on the amount of job you can post. Also, there is no cost to view matches, access résumés or contact candidates.

I am unable post jobs. What is happening?

In most cases when this happens, your company may not have automatically validated in our system. No need to worry. First, make sure your Federal and State ID numbers are accurate. If you are still unable to post, contact the Help Desk for assistance.

I’m surprised to see these matches. Why am I seeing them?

Our technology has considered your job description to determine the skills and experience needed to fulfill your job opening. Though you may be surprised to see a select candidate as a match, remember that our system is providing you with job seekers that qualify for your position.

If you see a candidate that is not relevant to your hiring needs, simply expand the candidate’s profile and select Please Remove. Doing this helps improve our matching system. You can also edit your job posting by adding more detail to the job description and required skills list. For tips on how to receive the best matches possible, refer to the following question.

How do I ensure I am being matched with the most qualified candidates?

When developing a job description, be as detailed and comprehensive as possible – including specific responsibilities and required skills and certifications. This will help maximize the matching capabilities to help you find the most qualified candidates for your job openings.

For more tips on developing a strong job description, check out these two blog posts:

How To Optimize Job Postings To Get The Best Matches Possible
How To Write A Job Description That Showcases Your Company Culture

Why am I matched with job seekers from out-of-town and/or out-of-state?

You may be matched with job seekers from all over the state and possibly out-of-state. This shouldn’t alarm you, in fact it is a good thing! Job seekers have the option to select their preferred location – which means they are potentially willing to move. Why is this a good thing? Because your pool of qualified candidates just got larger without any additional effort.

Will I see every job seeker that is a match with my job postings?

All candidates that match with your postings will be shown except those who have set their profile to private. This allows job seekers to have a confidential experience while searching for new opportunities. Job seekers, however, can see your openings if they are a match, and will be visible to you if they choose to submit their résumé.

Why do some résumés have phone numbers and some do not?

Job seekers have the option to select their preferred method of contact, and phone numbers are not required to provide.

Where do I update my company information?

You can edit your information in the Profile Details tab in the Company Profile section. You must be the Administrator to edit this information.

There seems to be some changes. Where did all of my jobs and matches go?

You may have noticed your dashboard has changed to feature news and resources. But don’t worry, all of your matches are safe. You can access your posted jobs, matches and more under the “Manage Jobs” tab in the main navigation.

Finding Small Business Vendors

I am a contractor but would also like to provide products and services. Can I be listed as both?

At this time, you must select one option or the other: you can search for small businesses or be matched with prime contractors. If you selected an incorrect option and need to switch, please contact our help desk for assistance.

How much does it cost to create a project search?

Louisiana Business Connection is completely free – there is no cost to small businesses or contractors to use the tool.

My profile is complete, but I cannot create a project search. What is happening?

Your account may need to be validated. First, check your company profile to be sure your Federal and State ID numbers are accurate. If you are still unable to create a project search, please contact the help desk for further assistance.

I’d like to search for suppliers/service providers, but right now I’m not worried about items such as insurance or bonding – can I still create a project search and get results?

Yes! Just include the requirements that are relevant in your search. The system will assume anything you leave blank is not required. Your results will include those companies that match the requirements you included in your search. NOTE: You must provide at least one search criteria to create a project search.

How do I ensure I am being matched with the most qualified small businesses?

While not all of the search filters are required when creating a new project search, the more filters you use, the more specific your search will be. If your list of results is too long to manage, consider editing your search criteria to be more specific.

I created a project search. Now what?

Your search results are available immediately. We encourage you to contact qualified small businesses to begin developing diverse and inclusive partnerships in Louisiana.

My search results are not what I expected. What should I do?

Consider editing your search criteria to be more (or less) specific which will decrease (or increase) your number of results. Project search results are dynamic – which means if new business signs up and matches with one of your active searches, you will see that business listed in your results. You can also save contacts and access them later.

Why do some of the companies in my results have an email address while others have a phone number – and some have both?

Small businesses can select their preferred method of contact – email, phone or both. The contact information you see depends on their preference.

Will I see every small business that is a match with my project search?

Yes, you will see all of the suppliers and subcontractors that match your search requirements, but they cannot see you. Therefore, we encourage you to contact those qualified small businesses to begin developing diverse and inclusive partnerships in Louisiana.

Creating a Small Business Profile To Be Matched with Prime Contractors

I am a small business and would like to find other small businesses I can partner with. Can I do both?

At this time, you must select one option or the other. If you selected an incorrect option and need to switch, please contact our help desk for assistance.

I completed my Small Business company profile. Now what?

You’re all set! After adding all relevant information to your profile and publishing it, all you need to do is wait to hear from potential business partners. Prime contractors will create a search based on project requirements. If your business capabilities meet those requirements, you’ll be listed as a match in their project search results. We encourage you to keep your company profile up-to-date and comprehensive so that you can have maximum exposure to potential business partners.

In the meantime, you can also match with job seekers by posting jobs – at no cost to you. This service is optional and exclusive to Louisiana employers.

Do I have to fill out all of the company profile questions? If I don’t, will I still be matched with contractors?

Only some of the questions in the company profile are required, but completing your profile with thorough and accurate information will help your business match with project requirements.

How much does it cost to be matched with contractors?

Louisiana Business Connection is completely free – there is no cost to small businesses or contractors to use the website.

How do I ensure I am being matched with the most relevant contractors and projects?

It’s best to complete your company profile with thorough and accurate information – for as many sections as possible. The information you provide in your company profile will be matched with contractor requirements.

How can I find out what types of business certifications my company may be eligible for?

Visit the Small Business Administration website for information about business classifications and/or certifications that may apply to your company.

Is there a minimum insurance level required to be matched with contractors?

No, contractors are looking for suppliers and subcontractors for projects of various sizes. Indicate the coverage you have, and learn more about insurance options for your company here.

Does my company have to be bonded in order to be matched with contractors?

While not every contractor will require bonding, it may help you to be matched with more contractors. Learn more about LED’s Bonding Assistance Program here.

How do I know what type of safety training my staff needs?

OSHA10 and OSHA30 are popular safety training certifications. The OSHA website is a great place to learn about safety training options available to you.

My staff has had safety training, but it isn’t OSHA10 or OSHA30. Does that count?

Sure. You can include any additional certifications and licenses you or your staff has in the Certifications and Safety Ratings section of your company profile.

My company’s Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) is not perfect. Will I still be matched with contractors?

Safety ratings are important, but a perfect TRIR is not required for every project. The OSHA website provides several resources for best practices related to safety.

How can I find out if my staff needs TWIC cards?

The Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) is needed to access secure facilities and vessels. You can learn more or apply here.

It’s been a while since I completed my profile, and no contractors have reached out to me. What can I do?

Review your company profile regularly and ensure that all information is up-to-date. Check out our resources linked throughout the company profile section and on your dashboard for information on additional certifications and training programs that you may qualify for and enhance your profile.

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