What If All the Candidates Seem Great? How Do You Pick the Best One?

Having several qualified candidates for a position doesn’t seem like it should be a problem, but it can be when you can only hire one. When you have two or more candidates who have what it takes to do the job, you’re faced with a big question: How do you pick just one? “Everyone comes with strengths and weaknesses, and it’s about understanding what strengths are needed for that particular role and what.. Read More

How to Create a Small-Business Anti-Harassment Policy

Startups often tend to focus more on developing their services or products rather than focusing on internal policies. Entrepreneurs may think they don’t need formal policies such as those that address harassment, but companies of any size can benefit from establishing a culture of respect to protect employees and assets now and in the future. Having a specific anti-harassment policy can help. “The law recognizes that if you take steps to prevent sexual.. Read More

How to Break Out of a Job-Hunting Rut

Sometimes it takes a little longer than you would like to find a new job. After the excitement of deciding to make a change, you might feel like you’re losing your momentum if you don’t find a new job right away — and that can be discouraging. Before long you may find yourself in a job-hunting rut. This can be discouraging, and at some point you’ll need to kick-start your search to get.. Read More

How to Implement Remote Work Fairly and Productively

Remote work is more than a fashionable perk; it’s a lasting workplace trend that brings all sorts of benefits to both employers and employees. But if you’re going to offer it at your company, it’s important to implement a remote-work policy carefully, to make sure everyone gets the most out of it. “One of the key things companies need to know about remote work is that it’s truly not just a perk for.. Read More

Have You Been Keeping Up with Your Career Homework?

Advancing in your career doesn’t just mean getting more responsibility at work. It also means developing yourself, learning new skills and understanding your industry in a way that can help you make those advances. And that means doing your career-related “homework.” “Since the turn of this century, we’ve seen technology transform, e-commerce explode and communication develop a whole new set of standards,” says Lorna Weston-Smyth of LWS Coaching. “With changes like this, we.. Read More