3 Pitfalls to Avoid When Hiring Family and Friends

Hiring friends or family members can seem like a great idea — after all, who knows you and your business dreams better? However, there are several things to consider before you bring your closest relationships into the business realm. “Ordinary business concerns are going to crop up, even with family and friends,” says Jane Beddall of Dovetail Resolutions, which provides mediation and facilitation services for family businesses. “When hiring friends and family, the.. Read More

What to Do When You Lose Out on a Promotion

You put yourself out there by trying for a promotion — you assembled a list of achievements, gone through the interviewing process, and may have even started imagining your new cubicle or office. But now the word comes that you’ve been passed over and someone else was picked for the position. Losing out on a promotion can be discouraging, but it’s important to see it as only a small delay in your career.. Read More

How to Ask for a Reference

Part of your job application process will include providing references. This may seem like an afterthought in your application process, but a good reference can give you just the edge you need to land a new job. Take the time to get the request right, and don’t take it for granted. “The reference you provide can make the difference between getting the job or not,” says career coach Jacqueline Twillie. “Spend as much.. Read More

How to Quantify Your Accomplishments at Work

One of the best ways to make your resume stand out is to talk about your work accomplishments. But too many people focus on their responsibilities or daily tasks instead, making their resumes look like a to-do list instead of a history of outcomes and results. When you quantify your accomplishments on your resume, you make it easy for a hiring manager to see the kind of work you can do for their.. Read More

Employer Job Search Etiquette 101

Employers that are looking to hire are finding that it’s a job seekers’ market. Candidates have their pick of opportunities, and it can be hard to stand out. Part of your employer brand includes how you treat candidates and others interested in working at your company, and following some etiquette rules during the hiring process can help. “You need to be considerate of the applicants,” says Diane Gottsman, author of “Modern Etiquette for.. Read More