Questions to Ask During Your Interview to Find Out About the Company’s Culture

Many companies today aim to hire for “fit” rather than specific skill sets. Skills can be taught, but the innate qualities an employee will need to fit in with the company’s culture and environment — those need to be present from the start. As a job seeker, it can be tempting to ignore any signs you see that you may not fit in. You really want to be hired, so what’s the harm.. Read More

What Can Your Office Do to Minimize the Risk of Workplace Violence?

Not every workplace violence incident makes national headlines, and most aren’t fatal, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t devastating for the victims, the witnesses and the business’ reputation. It’s a serious issue and as a responsible business owner, it’s your duty to take all possible steps to prevent violence, says Felix Nater, owner of Nater Associates, a security management consulting firm specializing in workplace violence prevention. The general duty clause of the Occupational.. Read More

What Is the Candidate Experience at Your Company and Why Should You Care?

Think about the past several résumés or applications you received at your organization. Surely you didn’t hire everyone. What would the candidates who were not hired say about your process? Was it a pain? Were they kept in the loop, including about their rejection? What about the ones who were hired? Would they say the process was easy, or did they have to jump through hoops? Were you accurate in describing the culture.. Read More

Looking to Land a Government Contract? This Agency Can Help.

Need help navigating the complex but potentially lucrative government marketplace? The Louisiana Procurement Technical Assistance Center can support you on your journey. The center was established in 1989 to help increase federal, state and local government contracting awards to companies in Louisiana. Since then the agency has helped businesses in 54 parishes secure more than $4.5 billion in government contracts. Program Director Sherrie Mullins says many businesses miss out on lucrative work with.. Read More

What to Do If You Hate Your New Job

You were really excited to take this new job. The interviews went well, and you were sold on this company. It has a great culture, cares about work-life balance and has a path outlined for advancement — all things you love. You were head over heels. But now it’s been a month and the culture isn’t as great as they said, you’ve been swamped with work and you’re not sure you’d ever want.. Read More