How to Write a Cover Letter for a Management Job

Writing a cover letter for a management job isn’t the same as writing one for an entry-level position or an individual role. You’re expected to show higher-level business results, a sense of your leadership style and a vision of the big picture. It can be daunting. One thing that always helps is personalization, says Susana Lee, training and organizational development specialist with Essential Federal Credit Union and president-elect of the Baton Rouge chapter.. Read More

3 Tips for Optimizing Your Résumé for an Electronic Scan

Imagine asking your work colleagues a question and getting 800 responses. That would be a lot to sift through, and probably would not help you get to the right answer in a reasonable amount of time. Now imagine you place an ad for a job and get 800 résumés. It happens routinely at medium-sized to large companies. For this reason, many companies have adopted applicant tracking systems (ATS) that include résumé filters or.. Read More

Body Language Tips for Your Next Interview

It’s time for your interview and you’ve been practicing. You’re prepared to list your strengths and how you can benefit this organization. You’ve thought about your biggest weakness and are prepared to detail how you overcome it. This conversation is going to go great. But how will you do with the subtler, nonverbal communication? It takes skill to appear confident and gracious when, in reality, you’re a bundle of nerves. What if your.. Read More

3 Tips for Marketing Your Small Business Without a Big Budget

When you’re running a small business, the idea of marketing can seem overwhelming. Maintaining your daily operations and keeping customers happy are the top priorities, and developing and implementing a marketing plan can sound time-consuming and expensive. But marketing doesn’t have to be stressful, says Barbara Findlay Schenck, a small-business strategist and the author of “Small Business Marketing Kit for Dummies.” She says small-business owners can remove some of the mystery from marketing.. Read More

Tips for a Successful Subcontracting Relationship

You’ve been asked to be a subcontractor on a big project. Now what? Do you jump in and agree immediately? What paperwork will you need to provide? How can you be sure you’re not hitching your wagon to a client or prime contractor who’s a disaster, or that you’ll be the disaster everyone else is stuck with? To find out how you can have a successful subcontracting relationship on this and future projects,.. Read More